コミュニケーションサインからエンバイロメントデザインにおける総合的な業務により、 私たちは理想的な環境創造に取り組んでいます。



そこでは、より専門的で高度な技術、 主張と衝突を乗り越えた相互理解、そして、それらに根ざしたデザイン統合が不可欠となります。


Communication Sign and Environment Design

Consulting, research, planning, design,manufacture, work execution and maintenance
with combination of the forces of various specialsectors.

We try to crate a new environment by means of overall business from communication design to environment design.

We believe that the SDA prize (Japan Sign Design Association Prize),the DSA Prize (Japan Design Space Association Prize) and other prizes are a reflection of overall power.

From the point of view of an environment including an ecosystem, the design exceeds the material domain and widens to the domain of the heart.

The requires more specialized technology of a higher degree, mutual understanding exceeding persistence and impact, and arising from this, design integration.

Toward the Future, with real affluence being the theme of the percent time, we are aiming for creation of an environment richer in humanity by building ideal visual communications.